Christmas Craft – Mistletoe Decoration

In which I present the steps I took to create my first weekly craft, part of my monthly missions for December (#32).

This week, I used the “hangout” video chat on google + to get together with the lovely best friend and Katie W. for some crafting fun. I decided to tackle an ornament that I’ve had pinned on my pinterest holiday board for a while.  Here’s the inspiration:

Click on the photo to purchase it from West Elm.

Yes, this is one of those cases where I directly copy something. I feel ok about it, since it is from West Elm and not an independent seller. But I know that some folks have stricter ethical standards than I do. If you’re one of those, look away, because here’s my version:

Not identical, but I think that it gets the point across. Looking at the photos close together is always a little unforgiving. I might add a few more single berries to balance the ones that I have clumped, but I’m pretty pleased by the results.

I used inexpensive supplies from Michaels, and could easily make three more of these with what I have left. I got olive green felt, white pom-poms, green and white yarn, and some embroidery floss. Add in the scissor and needle that I already had, and I was in business.

You can probably guess what I did just from looking at the picture, but here’s the quick run-down. I started each “sprig” with a circle. Since I intended to cut slits in my leaves, I needed something more substantial at the bottom to ensure that they didn’t all slip off a knot. I tied the ribbon through parallel slits on the circle and then began stringing the leaves that I cut out of the felt. I cut them free hand, so each one is a little different. I used the needle and thread to string the berries together and then onto my bunches.

Once I had the three sprigs, I knotted and braided the ribbon. I added a bow made form a couple lengths of ribbon and attached it to the light with wire.

What do you think? I can’t wait until next week. Not sure what I’m going to make yet, but I’m having fun so far.


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