The Second of Five

In which I reveal the second of five magazine purchases (#72), plus bonus subscriptions.

Magazines are a treat. Buying magazines off the rack is a big treat, and one that I usually avoid because of the self-imposed money guilt. I really enjoy getting them on the rare occasions that I splurge, so I enjoy having this goal on my list. I bought this big issue of Cooking Light last month and had a great time paging through the recipes. We haven’t experimented with any of them yet, but I’ve made note of a lot of things that look tasty.

I just got a free subscription to Cooking Light with a gift subscription I purchased. I’ll be adding that to my current subscription to Real Simple and two new subscriptions that I picked up when Amazon had them on sale for $5 each. I’ve always gotten a kick out of House Beautiful, where they have very pretty photos of rooms full of bargains like chairs that cost more than all of our new furniture combined. I’ve only had one issue of Country Living so far, but it seems like a nice counterpart to the glitz of HB.

So it looks like 2012 is going to be the year of the magazine for me. I’m excited, and I hope that they will help me think of new projects and recipes to try out next year. I could use a little stretching out of my comfort zone.