Night(s) at the Movies

In which I catch up this goal and count our five movies as seen (#59).

This is a goal that I completed during the summer, when the hubs and I turned out for the final installment of the Harry Potter series of movies. And then we went out to see Moneyball during the playoffs, which is don’t think is in theatres any more either. Too bad, since I would have recommended it. I enjoyed it much more than I thought I would, though it was a clear winner for the baseball-lovin’ hubs. Finally, we met some friends randomly the weekend before Thanksgiving to see J. Edgar, which we thought was fine and they hated. (It definitely tried to do too much. And I found the old makeup surprisingly distracting and scene-killing. But we didn’t hate it.)

This goal is definitely complete, and it was a really fun one.  Hopefully we’ll take some time over the next couple of weeks to get out and see The Muppets.  You know you want to. This video should either make you want to see it, or serve as a message of how I feel about you, a non-Muppet-loving person, with whom I cannot not in good faith continue a friendship.

But, you know, still the PG “Forget You” version. I’m not a monster.

Tangent, ahoy!

I recently played this clip for the hubs, of Kermit and the composer of the movie signing the opening song:

Life’s a taco! Did you catch Bret’s human version of the Muppet head sway? Classy. Anyway, back to my tangent.

The hubs has an uncanny ability to pick people out. He always knows who is doing the voiceovers, and he remembers actors from tiny cameo roles years before. So he immediately made this connection: (warning. this might stick in your head and come up during regular conversations, on, say, a Wednesday.)

Yup. He’s the one who looks like a Hobbit. Excuse me, I have to stop writing this post before I explode with my own dorkiness. Business hours are over.