December Monthly Missions

In which I recap last month’s missions and set out some new ones for December (#32).

First up, I did not complete all of my November monthly missions. Boo. But I think that it was a fairly successful month for focusing on joy, so I’m going to be continuing that into December.

1. Create an 8-track playlist once a week. – Completed!
I really enjoyed that. It is something so different from the normal 101 stuff. I think it was really helpful to schedule some (limited) creative work each week. Another theme that I’ll be carrying through the next month.

2. Take at least ten photos at each of the family/friend events this month. – Incomplete.
So, here’s how I did: Event 1, 4 photos; Event 2, 4 photos; Event 3, 0 photos. I guess it was four photos or nothing! I feel like I’d like to take photos more often, especially as I lead up to buying a big fancy camera next year. I will need to work on this again.

3.  Spend an afternoon reading by the fire. – Completed!
It was nice and cosy, just like I’d wanted.

Moving on to December, I’ll be continuing my focus on joy. It just seems like the month to do it, doesn’t it?

1. Spend time crafting each week this month.
I’ve gotten a head start on that for this week that spans the two months by creating my gift bow wreath for our front door. Last year I’d put up a fake evergreen wreath that I decorated several years ago, but it really disappeared on the blue door. I think that this will show up a lot better. I’ve got plans for next week’s project, but then I’ll be looking for new ideas.

2. Spend some time organizing and backing up my photos.
I have really not been keeping up with this, and I need to. I think that being able to find everything when I’m looking for it will encourage me to review the photos more often, take more photos, and, in turn, help me focus on all the good things I’ve got going on in my life right now.

3.  Recreate a coffee-shop evening at home.
When the hubs gets home from work each day, he tries to write on his book for about an hour. Sometimes we combine that with a trip out of the house for my sanity, which most often leads us to Starbucks. But that can get a little expensive and loud. I’d like to make a baked treat of some sort, and have the fixings for a couple of fancy peppermint hot chocolates. We’ll light a fire and have a nice afternoon working together at home. And it will provide a nice distraction for me that day, which should help me on the sanity front.


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