Visiting our Nephew

In which I post about the second time we’ve visited our new nephew (#61), otherwise known as the visit we remembered to document.

This weekend, the hubs and I ventured back home to help prepare for and celebrate our nephew’s first birthday. That’s the little guy and the hubs, checking out the banner that my sister-in-law and I crafted to decorate the party room. See that colored circle on the wall to the right? I suffered bodily injury to cut those circles — those blades are super sharp! Don’t be like me — really pay attention if you ever remove a safety cover from a blade. No matter what the adorable baby is doing across the room.

But I digress.

This is the second time we’ve visited the family. We went up for a weekend earlier to help them settle into and decorate their new home. We were so busy painting, organizing, and decorating — not to mention crawling, bouncing, and giving raspberries to a plump baby belly — that we forgot to take any pictures of the event.

This time we cooked, crafted, and witnessed the first haircut, first present opening, and first cupcake. The little man is signing for more food, doing this adorable pointing at everyone thing, and walking around like a champ.

PS – I have a ton of things I need to post about. Get ready for a large catch-up over the next few days! 


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    • Indeed. I VERY CAREFULLY wiped down the blade post-incident, pre-cutting.

      Side note: He got his first haircut the day before, so he is without his little baby-mullet.

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