November Missions

In which I set out some new monthly missions (#32).

This month, I’m determined to focus on joy. I hope to:

1. Create an 8-track playlist once a week.
I’ve been enjoying my limited experiences with, and I really enjoyed picking out a Tuesday Tune back in April. I’m going to be creating and posting the link to a weekly playlist, in case you want to listen along with me.

2. Take at least ten photos at each of the family/friend events this month.
I’m hoping that trying to remember to snap some shots will be balanced by slowing down and relishing the moment. We have three events this month, so it is a good one to attempt to get in the habit.

3.  Spend an afternoon reading by the fire.
We did this for the first time last weekend, and it was so happy and cosy. Definitely need to block out some time in our busy month to just hang out and relax.