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In which I follow up on my monthly missions (#32) for October, and post photos from the finished base-level decoration fo my house (#49).

Friends, I have finally completed another month of my monthly missions on time. I know, I can’t believe it either. I’m so amazed that I decided it needed a dedicated post, separate from my monthly missions for November, which I will be posting tomorrow.

Going slightly out of my own order:

1. Paint the TV stand.
Did. And we are all set up again, functioning in the TV room. I think that the paint definitely helps the stand blend into the room rather than sticking out like a sore thumb. Hopefully the paint will wear passably well, but I definitely think this was a successful endeavor.

3. Get new plants.
Did. They are thriving and a nice addition to our rooms. Here’s to keeping them alive for three months… I am not worried.

2. Finish all outstanding base-level decorating projects.
The big one! Did.

The big area of our house that still needed a lot of attention was the office. This month, I finished decorating my bookshelves and walls with photos and an art project, which you can read about here, but still had one blank wall calling for attention. So I headed over to etsy and bought into the vinyl wall decal trend.

I like that it easily fills up the wall in a big way that makes an impact when you walk through the door. It was really easy to put up, and pretty cheap at $22. I’d definitely recommend it, though of course I haven’t attempted to remove it yet.

As an added bonus, the shop includes a small, practice decal in each order. It worked with my decorations pretty well, so I added it to the hanging file box that hangs above my printer, and that I used all day.

I really like the new space, and I’m already tackling organizing the mess of a closet so that it is more in tune with the rest of the room.

Moving to the downstairs, fireplace room, I picked up our custom-framed print of Icarus falling to his death. I really love how it turned out. The gray textured mat is a good color match for the print, and I like how the blue brightens the whole thing. The frame is a nice, reddish-brown, which I think lends a bit of complexity to our otherwise all black frames in the room. We were lucky that an easel we already had worked remarkable well to center the frame in the space we cleared on the bookcase. (It sits on the one fixed shelf in the case, so we were limited on what we could do with something its size.)

Here’s the reorganized shelves, which probably only look different to us, but they look REALLY different to us. (You can see how they used to be set up in these shots from earlier this year.) I really like that our stuff gets a bit of a highlight, especially the new print. We’ve also grouped books together in new ways, which was interesting. Yes, we’re dorks. But now we’re dorks with shelves that reflect all of the ways we’re dorky.

With that, I’m declaring this house decorated. We have lived here for 11 months, so I feel like it has been a long time, but I also think that it’s a pretty good showing for less than a year in the space and only three years living together. I feel like this townhouse is a much better reflection of the two of us than our last apartment was. (In large part because we’ve moved away from our hand-me-down furniture to the stuff we chose ourselves.) We spent some time this weekend reading in our comfortable armchairs in front of a cosy fire, and it finally felt really homey. I hope that we’ll be able to transfer a lot of this set-up to the house we hope to buy in the near future.

I’m also relieved to have completed another month of missions on time. It makes my ratio for the calendar year so far a bit less embarrassing. November, ho!


One thought on “Around here…

  1. You got a wall decal! I’ve been eyeing those for a while… I think it looks great in your office. It balanaces the “work” feel in a really beautiful way!

    And your bookshelves are VERY different. Seeing the whole impact, I like how it turned out. Definitely brings attention to the naked Icarus and the mini-shelves of goodness. Well done!

    It’s funny that I’ve seen your decorating evolution from the beginning and I can really see big the changes are. I think from the outside I didn’t think about it much until I really think back 🙂

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