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In which I talk about my progress on decorating my house (#49), trying to finish things up for my monthly mission (#32).

Around here, I’m 90% sure that we’re going to keep this lamp in the fireplace room. We’ve needed a lamp so that we can read in those chairs, and it has been more of a problem than you might think. This one works the best of the several we’ve tried.  It is tall enough that the light makes it over the slope of the arms. It is a brushed nickel finish, which I wasn’t looking for originally, but now I think it helps make sense with the kitchen appliances and lights, since it is open to this room. Remaining concerns are that the light is kind of blinding to walk by, so I’m hoping to find a diffuser for the top of the shade. That is surprisingly difficult. And this takes a three-way-bulb, but doesn’t have enough room to fit a CFL three-way-bulb, only the traditional incandescent.

Around here, we’ve been reorganizing our main bookshelves, also in the fireplace room, to make way for a new print that we are having custom matted and framed. It will be going straight onto the shelves, taking up the space for two shelves by itself, with no books. This is very different for us. So we landed on grouping a lot of the small things we have to display onto four thin shelves and have most of the others be very book heavy. I really like the look of our new skinny shelves (we had more boards cut at Lowe’s). It is very different than how we’ve had those shelves since we first got married and combined books for the first time. The only drawback is that we no longer have a place for our two favorite trilogies. Looks like they might be moving to the bedroom.

Around here, I’ve got some new plants to take care of. I bought five small fittonia plants, which I’ve had a lot of success with in the past, and replanted them into four pots. I have two in the bedroom, one in the office, and one looking for a new home. I’m excited to have them around again. (Especially because it will help me complete my monthly goals for once.)

Around here, we took on a big project a few weekends ago. We owned a cheap, birch-colored TV stand from IKEA. It was really out of place in our room with our new furniture and rug. Obviously the piece that we hadn’t gotten around to upgrading yet. (We’re waiting until we buy a house so we can get something that will fit in the space we have.) So we did some research on the internet, and headed to Lowe’s to pick up our supplies, primer, and paint. We had both the primer and paint tinted close to our selected paint chip.

And then we got down to sanding, priming, sanding, painting, sanding, and painting the day away. We painted it all in one day on our back deck and brought it inside to keep drying that night. Luckily, we’d already moved our good TV antenna upstairs to the guest room, in an attempt to get better signal for the World Series. So the hubs moved the big TV up there too.

That helped us to wait a full week before setting things back up. The hubs put everything back in and attached the doors this past Saturday. The paint is still a bit sticky — it can take a long time to cure. But we’re just hoping that it works for another year, so we are going to see how it fares.

The paint looks both exactly like the paint chip we chose, and nothing like I thought it would. In the sunlight, it looks very baby blue, rather than a gray-toned blue. I think that impression is really enhanced by the pastel green walls. Hopefully once we move the TV back downstairs, the black screen will help separate those two colors more. I do think that it blends into the room more, and doesn’t scream IKEA quite so loudly. We’ve already seen a few places where the paint has chipped down the the birch laminate, but nothing terribly noticeable. We’ve got paint and primer left over in case we need to make some touch-ups. We’d talked about painting some white detailing on top, but I think the painters tape might pull our current paint job right off, so we’re going to pass on that for now.

I’ve got two more significant decorations ordered, to hopefully be delivered and displayed this week. End to our base-level decorations in sight!


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  1. The think knick-knack shelves are interesting and I look forward to seeing the total look in person. I LOVE my fittonia, best plant ever!

    And painting laminate furniture is a biatch! But you did a great job and I like the color. Even in the pictures I can see the gray blue color scale but I think it works.

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