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In which I talk about my progress on decorating my house (#49), trying to finish things up for my monthly mission (#32).

Recently, the hubs and I decided that we were pretty much done decorating our walls, with one room exception, so we needed to turn our efforts to acquiring some objects that we loved. Since we talked about that, we’ve gotten a variety of new objects. Most of them are still floating around the house, trying to find a home that fits. Want to see what we’ve got going on around here?

We’ll start at the seasonal level. You saw my Halloween wreath yesterday, but I also have some fancy pumpkins on the porch. I couldn’t neglect the inside entirely, though — so I filled the glassware that lives on our buffet with some decorative gourds and seed pods. BLAMMO. I also have one stray mini pumpkin hanging out on my desk with me. Poor thing has gotten an education in cursing this week.

Next up, we have… us. Matt’s 90-year-old grandmother sculpted our head from photos of his brother’s wedding, and had them cast in plaster for us. There’s still a bit of cleaning that I’d like to do to them to remove the last bits of the yellow casting mold. (Right now, Matt has yellow eyes. So help me God, yellow eyes!) These are about four inches tall with the black bases that you almost can’t see here, and I think they are awesome. Definitely going to end up prominently displayed — we just haven’t figured out where yet.

I love these vases that we bought on our first trip to the Chrysler Museum of Art, which I think we’ll be visiting often. It was interesting, we only saw a small portion of it, and it is free! And believe me, I am a sucker for a museum gift shop. You never know what you’ll find! This one happened to be a pretty small, mediocre one, but we loved these vases. And for about $30 total, we snapped them up and put them next to our blue-and-green armchairs. The vases are much punchier in color, so they aren’t too matchy-matchy. The green is almost neon.

We also bought the last two objects around here at the Neptune Festival, a huge Virginia Beach event out on the ocean front. However, neither of them are local. The cool vase that I picked out was made in Nicaragua. They had some really interesting designs that we liked a lot, but we decided in the end to go with something more basic. Otherwise, I would have felt like I was pretending we’d traveled there. Sure, I’d probably be the only one who thought it, but I’d think it every time I looked at it. This vase is currently in need of a home on our shelves, which we’re in the midst of redoing to show off some of our stuff.

I love this guy. I think he is way more random than these other things. This is a writer made from a railroad stake. We also bought him at the Neptune festival, but I think that he hails from Pennsylvania. He is also in need of a final (initial) placement.

One of the things I really enjoy is that I am surprised by some of the things the hubs and I agree on. We’re tending towards styles of furniture and stuff that I never considered before, and I love picking up something useless and quirky like the writer that we both love. We just ordered a print of an engraving that we saw when we visited the New York Public Library in August. (For their centennial, they had an exhibit highlighting the variety of their collection, which was fascinating.) It is something that I probably would have never considered before, but we were both very taken with it. A) It is an awesome print in an interesting shape. B) It will remind us of our fun trip and the Greek mythology class we took together in college. C) It will allow me to try out a new look on our bookshelves by having a large space dedicated to art with book-heavy shelves surrounding it.

And to top it off, we went to Michaels to get it matted and framed instead of just popping it into an ill-fitting one and making the best of it. We’d decided on a double circular mat, blue on the inside and some sort of neutral on the top, which would show a lot because of the corners. We decided on a wood-tone frame rather than a black frame, which has been our go-to. And when we got in there, we chose a neutral mat that has a sort of stone texture to it, and a wide frame with some detailing on the inner edge. Much different than I was expecting. We don’t get it until the end of the month, but I’m really excited to see it! It will be a key element to our reorganized bookshelves downstairs.

Ten days to finish decorating the house if I want to make my monthly mission! Have you been making any design changes lately?


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  1. So many fun things 🙂 I love that you kind of balanced the work bummer with the home glory!

    Matt’s yellow eyes are creepy… I didn’t notice that in person.

    The vases are lovely and a steal! Nice job! The writer is fun too. The print is…. Naked.

    I can’t wait to see it all in person 🙂 I’m really enjoying seeing your style develop together.

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