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In which I talk about my progress on decorating my house (#49), especially my bookshelves (#92), trying to finish things up for my monthly mission (#32).

Around here, I’ve been focusing on bookshelves.  We’ve been slowly rearranging our main bookshelves downstairs to make room to display items that are important to us collected onto a few main shelves instead of being scattered through the books, which looked very busy. We’ve rearranged the books to open up shelves, which has a domino effect on the rest of our bookshelves — including the new ones we’ve got in our upstairs hallway and in the office.

I finally printed out a ton of photos to fill the empty frames I’ve had waiting. Adding pictures completes the blue and white bookcase in our upstairs hallway. I also added photos and books to the shelf in the office (sorry about the terrible color quality of that picture.) We inherited these bookcases from my in-laws, so we didn’t have to buy them. I’m declaring these new shelves decorated, and that goal completed!
Around here, I made a family tree as an impromptu art project. Working off this downloadable template, I drew the tree out on watercolor paper with a Q-tip dipped into an ink pad. I started working on it to doodle during a meeting, and the ink pad was all I had handy. I think that it was a lucky accident. I drew in the leaves with two green sharpies, and added slips of watercolor paper with the family names written in sharpie and a few lines to show the lines of relation.
Around here, I put the family tree up with more printed photos, with which I finally updated this frame, originally a gift from my sister-in-law. We’ve had a wedding on each side of the family and the arrival of our nephew since she’d put together the frame, so I needed to update it with more recent pictures. But even that was still just the beginning of the printed photos…
Around here, I finally updated a collage frame that didn’t go up in our last apartment, so hadn’t been updated since I graduated college. I also filled in two frames that I bought at Target back in the spring with some photos of the hubs and me. We don’t have any photos with people in them in the downstairs or guest rooms of our house. I’ve been keeping them in the bedroom, and now a ton in the office, where I can enjoy them.

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