October Missions

In which I admit to missing the chance to complete my monthly mission goal this calendar year, and update my missions (#32).

As September comes to a close, I have lost the chance to complete this goal in this calendar year. I don’t have enough months left, as I did not completed my September monthly missions. But I’m still going to be setting and checking in on my monthly missions for the rest of 2011, in the hopes that 2012 will prove to be my year.

Let’s take a gander at September, shall we? My missions were split between grace and joy.

1. Organize and cull some of my food pictures. – Complete
I made a lot of progress on this, but I have a ton of photos yet to tackle, organize, cull, and back up.  You’ll definitely be seeing this goal make a reappearance.

2. Complete another set of my house tour and send them. – Incomplete
Boo. I did not do this. These rooms are currently undergoing a few changes as we head into the second year of our lease, and I didn’t want to send pictures of them in progress.

3. Post all the progress I’ve made on my 101 that hasn’t been blogged yet. – Incomplete
I did clear out a lot of the content, but I’ve still got some lingering things to get to in October. Hopefully it will be a full month!

Turning my attention to October, I have big missions for my house. I’m hoping that these will help me keep my cool as things get more and more hectic, so I’m classifying these as working on grace.

1. Paint the TV stand.
Do you have favorite areas in your living space? Right now, my third-favorite room in the house is giving the second-favorite a bit run for its money. I would like to pull our birch-colored, cheap IKEA stand more into line with the look of the rest of the living room.  We’ve decided that it would be better to paint the wood than try to stain it to match the wood of our coffee table. I’m hoping that it will add a bit more dimension in the room, while updating an old piece of furniture that we really don’t want to replace until we buy a house.

2. Finish all outstanding base-level decorating projects.
We have decided to stay in our current townhouse for another year. It’s about time I finish up all those lingering decorating tasks so that we can spend the length of our renewed lease feeling like we’ve stopped moving in. I’m sure that I will continue to make decorating changes for the length of time that we live here, but I really want to have the base level of our decorations set. I’ll be tackling an area in our kitchen, the bookshelves and functionality in the fireplace room, and primarily the wall decorations in the office.

3. Get new plants.
As we head into the fall and winter, I feel the need to replace my dearly departed red-veined fittonia plant that had been living in the office. (Until it dies in the office while we were on vacation. So sad.) I’ll see where the new ones end up, but I’ve got my eye on the bedroom and putting one downstairs in the living room.


One thought on “October Missions

  1. I love that each new month is a new opportunity to complete a goal, even if you don’t complete it. There’s something so promising about monthly goals!

    New plants will be fun 🙂 I have a little plant ledge in my room which includes the red-veined fittonia and I love it! I’m always supportive of plants! And I’m sure my mom can spare some clippings 😉

    Also, a bit of advice on the tv stand painting. I know you are more research minded than my mother, but let me just say that 5 layers of paint do not do good things to furniture with doors! Definitely research this one, buy the expensive paint if necessary and see if you can seal it. Believe me, we have plenty of painted disasters under our belt…

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