Alpha and Omega of Dates and Curl(er)s

In which I double up and post about a date (#53) featuring my new curlers (#98).

This weekend, the hubs and I got dolled up for an afternoon date at a local community theatre. He got free tickets from work, which included a nice reception before the show. We enjoyed the afternoon and the performance, but the show itself was not very good. It was the only time I can remember leaving a musical with a song from a completely different musical stuck in my head. Most importantly, it felt like a nice date without having to spend a dime. It will be hard to top this the next five months I track our date nights!

The afternoon also presented me with an opportunity to wear my new, autumn-tastic skirt, and to use my new curlers for the first time. I recently ordered another set of my ridiculous, Dr. Suess-style curlers in a larger size for looser curls. I like them, but they took longer to dry without a fire going in the house, and the curls definitely didn’t stay like the tighter ones did. I’ve attempted them again since, and they get loose and fuzzy in a few hours. I’m hoping to experiment with some stronger products to see if I can get better hold, because I really liked them when they first came out. The larger size was a closer match to what my hair does naturally, only it was happening in the back of my head, too!

Small victories.

I have donated old hot rollers that never really worked for me, and culled through old foam rollers that I’ve had forever. My curler collection is now much reduced: two sets of the crazy curlers, and a set of foam curlers without plastic bars, in case I ever need to sleep in them to have my hair done earlier in the morning. (That image is a long way from the date night glamour I was trying to pretend was our normal relationship, isn’t it? Oh well. It isn’t the least flattering thing the hubs has seen me do. Dancing into my shapewear comes to mind, unfortunately…)

Forget that image too. The take-away here is that my curler collection is reduced and streamlined, and I’ve completed that goal!


2 thoughts on “Alpha and Omega of Dates and Curl(er)s

  1. Oh you look lovely!!!! That skirt is AMAZING and I love the hair… You make such a handsome couple! If only we could get Matt into a tie, right?!

    And I particularly enjoy the stack of gray bricks. Next month you’ll get to see my recycling pile in a few outfit photos!

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