Avenue Q

In which I post about seeing a musical when we went to New York last month (#70).

Most of the hubs’ extended family live up in New York City, which makes it easy for us to plan to see things on Broadway, since we only need to plan for the cost of the show without worrying about also paying for a hotel. We traveled up last month to celebrate his grandmother’s 90th birthday and took the opportunity to get tickets to a show. We’d procrastinated, but got great, third-row tickets to Avenue Q, which is playing off-broadway now.

So, technically, I suppose I haven’t completed the exact letter of this goal, but I have completed the spirit of the thing.

But we’d just missed Avenue Q on Broadway during our last trip, and the tickets were affordable. Sold! The theatre ended up being very close to the Gershwin, where we saw Wicked last time. And they took our drink orders before the show and brought them to us at intermission, right in the theatre. Now, that is my kind of performance.


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