Why I need to stop cursing…

In which I present a good example of why I want to reduce the salty language in my life (#47).

Ok, it looks like that can’t be embedded, boo.  Here’s the link.

While being the inappropriate aunt has been kind of fun (don’t worry — he’s nowhere near the repeating age yet), I don’t think that I can fulfill my desire to be a graceful mom if I don’t cut a lot of my best phrases from regular usage. Which is going to be hard as fuck. No, wait. It’s going to be freaking difficult. Wait.

Son of a bitch!

It’s just that damning things has an honored place in my vocabulary. (My sister and I recently found out that people who didn’t grow up with our father — namely her husband — don’t say “damnNATION!” when they get frustrated. I learn new things all the time.)

I’ve still got a few months before I need to make ridiculous attempts to curb the cursing (“son of a … SQUIRREL”). But guys, it’s going to be shitty. And I need to start long before I need to be proper, because it is going to take a hell of a long time.

Balls. No, wait.


Anyone watch this show? I’m writing this post before I watch the pilot episode, but I’m kind of excited about it. I like Will Arnett, and, as the hubs would say, Christina Applegate is pretty, so that helps.


One thought on “Why I need to stop cursing…

  1. Dude, I can’t see the clip! It says it’s private 😦

    When did it become so standard to curse like a sailor?! I now say “balls,” thanks to you. And “son of a bitch!” is my favorite phrase!

    I’m going to become a “shut the front door” kind of person… Or, I’ll just start making up words.

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