Slowly gearing up…

In which I attempt not to give in to panic prompted by the unknown, and focus on what we’re “doing right” to track our credit (#15).

Recently, I’ve noticed that the information you can find on the internet about credit reports and credit scores very closely resembles old propaganda posters. Uncle Sam wants YOU for the Army, but how does your credit score compare? Huh, huh? Loose lips sink ships, and low credit scores can RUIN YOUR LIFE.

All of which makes me nervous as the hubs and I gear up for possibly buying a house about a year from now. (Yes, we might slightly over-prepare for large choices, why do you ask?) We’ve been trying to get our finances in order in a multitude of ways, and I requested the first our my free annual credit reports. And lo and behold, I did have something to dispute on it. (Just my name, for which they had switched my married and maiden names, so that won’t help my score, but still something that I’d prefer to have correct to avoid any confusion…)

I also got a free credit score from FICO, just to check in on how I was doing. The score changes each time you request it, given what is going on with your accounts at the time, but it shouldn’t change much barring any major financial changes or missed payments. I requested mine directly from the FICO site, which should help me avoid scam sites which create their own credit scores rather than provide you with the score that banks will pull.

And then I created a schedule to pull the other two free credit reports and logged it into my Google calendar. So I’ve completed the first step in a six-part, two-year goal. And I only freaked myself out very slightly in the process. Learning about how closing costs work, on the other hand, might be haunting me for a while.

This, like so many other financial tasks, was so easy once I just convinced myself to finally do it. Having the idea that I “should” do something is always way worse than just taking action on it. Something that I always need to remind myself in these situations, I guess.

Anyone else have a financial task hanging over your head? Do tell, and I’ll pep squad for you to give you that extra push to jump on it.