Suit Donated!

In which I highlight a suit drive event which has ended for the year (#1). Because I am super-timely. You’re welcome.

For the strange years between being a late teen and an adult, the hub’s parents were convinced that he was larger than he was. Several times larger. He claims that it was juts that clothes were worn bigger back then. Perhaps these are both true. You know how they say if you are approached by a bear, you should stretch out your arms to look bigger and not worth the fight? He would have been well prepared, had any bears looked his way.

While we’ve said goodbye to lots of size-large shirts on his journey to tailored, size-small clothes, he had one suit that was in great condition. It had a long jacket with no vent and a very boxy cut. Still, it didn’t scream 1990s… but it certainly screamed when the skinny white guy tried it on.

The hubs moved on to his new style, and the suit moved to the guest room closet. We debated donating it on our semi-regular trips to Goodwill, but I was taken with the idea of donating it to a suit drive who might match it up with someone who could use it a lot faster. I put the Men’s Wearhouse suit drive on our calendar, and we donated the suit on the last day of this year’s drive.

I liked that they had teamed up with a local charity with the intent of “helping prepare an unemployed man for a more successful future.” I’m afraid I don’t remember the name of the local charity that our small donation went to, but I hope that it will come in handy for someone.

We donated on the last day of this year’s drive, and our local store said that it was the only suit they received that month. So, if you plan on cleaning out your closet of any men’s suits over the next year, keep the suit drive in mind, won’t you? This year it was in August, so start looking at the end of the year.