September Monthly Missions

In which I embrace the idea “better late than never” and report on my old monthly missions while giving myself some new ones (#32).

I’ll quickly cover my progress on my August monthly missions:

1. Complete one more set of my house tour and send them. Completed!

2. Make and post three more recipes on the food blog. Incomplete.
I made a bunch of new food and even took pictures of it, but haven’t posted yet. So, attempted, but incomplete in the end.

3. Spend the majority of the day at the beach. Completed!

And now I’ll turn my attention to the missions that I plan to tackle during the last half of September. I guess these are split between joy and grace both.

1. Organize and cull some of my food pictures.
I have a ton of photos I’ve taken for the food blog. Various pictures of the same dish, because it is hard to tell when the photos are coming out blurry. Web edits of the good pictures. I have a very bad habit of not deleting the blurry, bad ones. I’d like to get through all the food photos I currently have, deleting the bad, renaming the good, and organizing the result.

2. Complete another set of my house tour and send them.
I’ve been getting a good response from my grandparents on these, so I’d like to keep them going regularly. This will also prompt me to clean and straighten the second room downstairs and the kitchen. Added bonus.

3. Post all the progress I’ve made on my 101 that hasn’t been blogged yet.
I would like to catch up, and I think I need an extra kick in the pants. Blogging- and progress-wise.


One thought on “September Monthly Missions

  1. It’s so funny you mention the picture hoarding! I tend to do the same but when my camera started to yell at me, I wised up. Believe me, it feels good to only keep the good ones and be organized 🙂

    Can’t wait for the blogging catch up!

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