Making it Happen: A Challenge

In which I return after a month, beginning as I left off – with my answers to a challenge.

Long time no blog.

August was an odd month for me, but I am ready to jump back in with my answers to a blog challenge posed by the best friend. Building on the last challenge, she asked me and the lovely Katie W. to come up with ten things that make life happier and more manageable, especially when negativity starts to creep in. It could be ten actions, items, or ideas, that help us get to the five bigger things we talked about in the first challenge.

This first challenge made me think a lot. It gave me a big boost in motivation and feeling good, but somehow that didn’t translate into any real action. So focusing on making it happen is perfect for me. I’m going to interpret this challenge through the 101 items that I’d like to start working on to achieve my five goals from the last challenge, rather than ten things I can do each day. I will make it a point to tackle each one of these items over the next month and try to start making some progress on them.

…to live in a home that fits the best of us.

35. Wash dishes directly after every meal for two months
This is something that has been particularly bad recently. I hate to wash dishes, even though I know that if we just kept up with them, it wouldn’t be such a chore. Visual clutter really gets to me, and kitchen clutter really gets to the hubs, so washing the dishes directly could make a big difference in the tone of our evenings.

49. Decorate all rooms in our new place
I’m still stuck on the office. I hope that by putting a bit of time into it and making it more functional and more fun, I can start to focus on the good aspects of my job again. I need to choose, edit, and print a ton of pictures, and then tackle a vinyl wall decal project with my sister. I hope that I can get the photos squared away this month and those frames hung on the walls.

… to feel awesome.

22. Do something active with the hubs once a week for six months
Now that the weather is cooling down a lot, I am thinking that getting out of the house and away from the TV will be more comfortable. We can go for walks around the neighborhood or on the beach. Even if we do stay in, we can play the wii instead of just watching a ton of TV. This is definitely something that I want to work on as we move into the winter doldrums.

17. Reach 150 hours on the wii fit
I haven’t been feeling awesome lately as I’ve been getting dressed. Facing autumn when none of your pants fit — again — is just not a great feeling. I’d like to log some hours on the wii fit so that I can feel a bit better about myself. I don’t expect it to make a ton of difference, but at least I’ll have the satisfaction of knowing I put in some effort.

…to have routines that support but not restrict me.

44. Pick up for ten minutes every morning for three months
I can easily use the time between the hubs leaving in the morning and my normal shower time to pick up around the house a little bit, rather than getting a jump-start on my putzing on the computer. If I can keep things a bit more tidy, I’d have more time to actually clean areas of our house rather than spending all the time straightening our mess. I really enjoy the house when it is totally clean, I just have such a hard time keeping up with it.

28. Work on a routine to make the most of the hubs’ planned writing time
Almost every night, the hubs takes about an hour to write. I have been wasting that time watching TV or playing on the computer. I’d like to make more conscious choices about my activities during that time. I can use that time to work on various things on my 101 list if I just pay attention to where the time is going. I think that will be more fulfilling for me, and therefore make it easier to let him have the time he needs.

… to be active and present in my life.

42. Write over 550 posts on this blog
Remembering to post on this blog helps me pay attention to where my days are going. I have made progress on, or even completed goals on my list that I haven’t blogged about because I forgot that I had listed them. I think that posting regularly on the blog will help me stay in the present.

74. Celebrate a regular, random day
Because nothing says living in the present more than that!

… to live broadly.

68. Identify five must-visit places in our new location and visit them
I have started a longer list than this, but I’d like to narrow it down to my five places this month. With any luck, I’ll even make it out to visit one of them, but I know our weekend schedule is pretty tight for September. Experiencing new things is always interesting, and so much is new to us around here.

83. Eat three things I’ve never tried before
I’d like to try one new to eat thing this month.

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