I Want: A Challenge

In which I list my answers to a challenge I posed to my 101-blogging friends.

I found this challenge an interesting exercise. I really had to focus in order to phrase things so that I was expressing what I wanted, not what I didn’t want. The “don’t wants” still slip in, but I’ve tried to present them as alternatives to illustrate my points. I also had trouble isolating things that I wanted for myself rather than how I wanted to be perceived by others.

I want…

…to live in a home that fits the best of us.
I want to create a home that fit us in all of our best ways, that reflects us in our best light. I want a home that is lived in, not a showroom, but one that is clean and organized enough so that I or visitors never really notice.
I want the decorations we display to go reflect our personalities and be interesting to visitors. (I think we are hitting that best in our guest room right now.) I want to feel like everything fits.
I want a home that is full of music and dancing. When we are at our best, we dance to oldies while cooking or play music during dinner. The first weekend I met my parents-in-law, we were making a huge number of Christmas cookies. The hubs and I were working in the kitchen, and he was singing “Brand New Key,” which we’d discovered on vinyl earlier. It is a happy memory. I want my home to be the kind of place that supports happy memories.


We went to the beach when we had family visit. It was a great week, a nice day at the beach, and I felt awesome in my swim suit -- saddlebag thighs and all.

… to feel awesome.
I want to be generally healthy and not skimp on taking care of myself when needed — physically, mentally, or emotionally.
I want to love my clothes and accessories, and I want to revel in my style. I love when the hubs points something out because it looks like a dress I would love — and I love when he is right.
I want to have a higher level of happiness be my day-to-day baseline. I want to laugh. I want to focus on the fun that I am having in any given moment and give it equal time, thought, and energy that I give to my worries.
I want to live without second guessing my choices and actions. I generally think about things before I make a big decision, I want to make it and walk away from it in my mind.


I decided on daily cleaning chores and created index card lists to help keep me on track.

…to have routines that support but not restrict me.
I want to maintain my house and my responsibilities so that they do not overwhelm me. I want to work a little bit regularly rather than lose a whole day to a chore put off too long.
I want my routines to support me so I can be flexible to jump on unexpected opportunities. I want to change our dinner plans on a whim because a happy hour is calling my name. I want to make a decision without worrying that I’m forgetting something.


I spent weeks creating a guest book and thank you cards for my sister-in-law's baby shower. It was a ton of work, and I loved every minute of it.

… to be active and present in my life.
I want to have something to look forward to each day. I want to enjoy looking forward to it, even if it is small.
I want to organize my time with a sense of purpose rather than letting time trickle away in actions I am indifferent toward. I want to feel like I advanced a goal each day.
I want to be mindful of the moments I am experiencing.
I want to pursue my interests, whether they be passions or passing fancies.
I want to take control of my moods. I want to develop tactics to improve bad days and fend off inertia.


I took this picture at the top of a mountain town in Italy.

… to live broadly.
I want to add to any conversation I am in. Even if I can’t contribute new information, I can listen well and contribute to the exchange. I want to stretch my strengths rather than indulge my insecurities.
I want to read widely, travel and explore, create. I want to try new things and maintain comfortable favorites in whatever balance resonates at the time without comparing my balance to anyone else’s.
I want to have events, opinions, and live a life worth sharing.


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2 thoughts on “I Want: A Challenge

  1. So at first I thought you were saying you wanted a brand new pair of rollerskates, and I thought that was awesome!!!

    I love these goals and completely see how they fit for you. I think that your home goal is fabulous! No one wants to just live in a house, they want a home and I do feel that when I come to see you. But I also see how this will expand with kids and life to be bigger and better.

    I really like this picture of you and hubs 🙂 I think you look fabulous and I like how you’ve defined cultivating the feeling of awesomeness. I will be keeping this in mind.

    I love a good routine. I think that this can be an excellent use of your downtime and totally see how it will help to let you feel more free in grabbing opportunities.

    Being active and present. This is something I want to strive toward to although I don’t know if I can DEFINE the goals… I love that you’re giving yourself permission to try new things and give them up, be creative and sensible, and just keeping moving with focus. We’ll be working on this together.

    To live broadly. What a wonderful way to put it! I think this has the same tone as my wanting to be genuine, you know? You already live more broadly than I which is wonderful and definitely adds to who you are. I think this is a great goal of expansion and acceptance and honesty.

    Overall, I can see how you’ve been moving towards these goals, maybe without knowing it. I believe these are wonderful goals for you and I know you’ll be making progress 🙂

  2. Ok, so Katie stole almost all my thoughts… maybe this is why we’re friends? Ha! I do love your goals. I feel like they reiterated things I know about you and brought forth some things that made me so “really!?!” Like living broadly. Great way to word this by the way. This is something I love about you, how thoughtful you are and how much you add to a conversation. So this shocked me a bit, but I love how you put it and I think you are really going to find some awesome ways to work toward this with your 101.

    Being present AND active. Well said, again! We have talked a bit about being present but I think it’s so perfect that you added being active because that’s a whole issue in itself. This really made me think about my own goals and I can’t wait to talk with you more about this.

    Love the home one, I think because it speaks so clearly and plainly. I want this for you and agree with Katie when she says this is a goal that will change and grow with your family. I can’t wait to watch this one take shape!

    And lastly, the routine (who said I had to think about these in any sort of order?). This one is awesome, because again, you really took an interesting angle on something I’ve thought about before. I love a good routine. But what’s important is the balance. That you can enjoy the positives about a routine, without restricting you.

    Love your goals. Good call on the challenge!

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