Clothing Diet Success: Sandals

In which I share the one high-quality item of clothing (roughly translated) I bought last month (#6).

As I was attempting to not spend money last month as part of my monthly missions, I knocked off one month of nine where I bought only one high-quality item of clothing. In this case, I finally found some flat, brown sandals that I liked. I bought them  from DSW with my fun money. (We take money out in cash each month that doesn’t have to follow our other money management categories.)

I have been struggling to find something to wear instead of always wearing flip-flops. I knew that I wanted something brown, preferably with a back strap, and definitely without going between my toes. I had no idea that it was going to be so hard to fit the bill, so I was thrilled to find these after a summer of searching. The front straps are elastic, which makes them very comfortable.

While these are the only addition to my wardrobe I bought last month, they were only $30. Not even much of a splurge, but still a step up from my cheap Target shoe addiction. One month down, eight to go!


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