August Already?

In which I update my monthly missions (#32).

1. List old furniture on Craig’s List. – Fail.
Oh, this is getting embarrassing. I swear I will do this sometime. Perhaps now we’ll get to take advantage of some nice college students coming back to school or something.

2. Finish decorating the house. – Fail
I never got around to finishing the office. I’ve been finding it really hard to get motivated about things recently, and this was one of the things that slipped.

3. Limit my spending to my fun money, making no purchases on the credit cards. – Complete!
This was the one goal that I followed. It is a nice feeling, since I have a bit of a buffer started. Hopefully we can follow through on the rest of our plans to limit our spending over the next couple of months and keep the goodness flowing!

August Missions

I think that I need to focus on joy this month. My mood would benefit from a boost.  So, I’m going to make it simple and set myself up for success.

1. Complete one more set of my house tour and send them.
I haven’t sent another installment of my house tour photos to my grandparents because we’ve had extra couches in the rooms I need to feature. No more excuses on this.

2. Make and post three more recipes on the food blog.
I have always enjoyed our food blog, but it is sometimes just one more thing to think about. I’d like to make and post three recipes this month so that I can enjoy it again.

3. Spend the majority of the day at the beach.
We have gone to the beach for a couple of hours, but we now own the supplies to make it a longer day. I recently picked out a new beach blanket, umbrella, and chairs. We already had a cooler, and we’ve not brought it out to the beach once. I think that we deserve a nice, relaxing day with a good book and some cold beer.


One thought on “August Already?

  1. Ok, I’ve learned from you that the word Fail is probably not what we should be using. Unless it’s in a joking manner, like “Epic FAIL!” Otherwise, your goals were just incomplete 🙂

    But I like what you’ve got for August! Good luck!

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