A Blue Mood

In which I present my second-to-last decorated area in our house (#49), the bookshelves at the top of our stairs. Finishing decorating the house is one of my monthly missions (#32).

The wall in our stairwell is painted this vibrant blue, and decorated with empty frames that the owners left for us. It is not exactly what I would do in that space, but it is close enough that we are working with the free decorations. (This hallway has awful lighting, so please ignore the color variation on the paint. In real life, the color is pretty close to the photo above.)

I knew that I wanted to put one of our inherited bookcases at the top of the stairs. With the two new-to-us bookcases, we are actually approaching having enough space for the books that we own. That allowed me to keep things a bit more open on the shelf in the hall. I pulled books from our shelves with blue and white colors, which resulted in a much more restful look than any of our arrangements based on book content. I couldn’t organize our whole collection this way, but it was a different challenge. I chose blue decorative objects to work with the blue of the wall. Some of the decorations we already had, including all of the books, a few picture frames, and the vase and tealights. The mirror, blue candle, and remaining pictures frames were all from one collection at Target.

I’m obviously still working on deciding which photos will be printed to go in which frames. (I will have a ton of photos in the office as well, and I hope to put in a bit order all at once.) These two picture frames were the first things I fell in love with at Target. I visited them, loved them from afar, and snapped them up when they finally went on clearance.

I equally coveted this mirror and decorative — and unscented, yay! — candle. We originally bought the silver frames on this shelf to display family wedding pictures, but they needed to be repurposed because they couldn’t hang up on the wall.

I was so excited when I paired our copy of The Invisible Man with a set of man-shaped bookends. I may or may not have called the hubs to tell him how awesome I was. Hooray for dorky book end jokes that no one else will notice!

One last shot of the shelves in all their glory. Like every other space I’ve decorated, I expect these to evolve. I hope to order the photos for the frames in the next few days, at which point I will consider these shelves’ first layer of decoration completed.


2 thoughts on “A Blue Mood

  1. I love how all the blues and patterns came together! This looks really awesome!

    I also enjoy the Invisible Man with man bookends. And on a random note, I’ve considered arranging my books by color because I love the rainbow look. Would it be silly to purposely buy books to complete my rainbow?

    • Ha. You know that I’m going to respond that it is never silly to buy books for any purpose. (I’d probably lean towards books that you’d actually read, of course, but shelf space is always at a premium around here.)

      Also, the hubs and I went out last night and bought two replacement copies of books we already owned just because we fell in love with the covers. (Those Penguin Classics are really stepping it up!) I might not be the best person to weigh in on such things.

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