Tourist at Home

In which I report about being a tourist for a weekend (#100), right here around home.

The weekend before this past one, the hubs and I celebrated being married for three years by playing tourists in our own area. We’d actually spent a couple of days playing tourists around our first home to start off the vacation we took for our first anniversary. We haven’t lived here that long, so it was nice to go out and see some of the sites we’ve been talking about.

We started out Saturday with a trip to a brunch place I’d found on yelp and had been eyeing since.  The experience was fun, even if the food wasn’t going to knock our socks off. It was good, and it was a non-chain restaurant, a commodity that is really scarce around here. We ordered a ton of food and had a nice, slow start to the day.

Then we headed out to the Nauticus museum, and toured the USS Wisconsin. It seemed like a very Norfolk thing to do. We’d been out to the harbor before, and even into the museum for a bathroom, but we hadn’t gone in. The museum is an odd mix of sailing information and a kid’s area of fish and weather exhibits. We spent some time in the gift shop, but nothing stood out enough to make its way home with us. By the time we were ready to go, I was ready to sit. We realized that the restaurant we’d planned to get dinner in didn’t open for another half hour, so we ended up having drinks and an appetizer for dinner across the street at a very empty Irish pub.

We were eating rather early so that we could make our sunset dolphin-watching cruise. We got on the boat, which started out crowded, but once people sorted themselves out had a good amount of room. We cruised down the oceanfront area of the beach, and watched the sun set behind the beach hotels. And I was very, very excited to see some dolphins! We saw a lot, but my camera skills aren’t very good. Here’s a few of the small bits I caught.

On Sunday, we got up, got donuts, and headed out to the beach for the morning. Though we’d been talking before about being glad that we weren’t the people with the cooler, chairs, and beach umbrella, this trip convinced us that we need to be those people.  We hung out on our blanket and read for a few hours. Despite my huge hat, I got a touch of sunburn on one side, but that is nothing compared to the splotchy sunburn the hubs got on his feet.

We ended our tourist weekend by going to a new-to-us Italian restaurant down the road. We had drinks and wine and really good meals and slightly lack-luster tiramisu. It was a lovely evening, and a restaurant that we’ll be keeping in mind for other nice dinners in our future.

Another sunset picture from our cruise. I just didn’t want the hubs’ feet to be the last picture on this post.

We had a lovely time. It was nice to forget the housework and to do lists and just hang out in our new home. I think that we celebrate our life together each anniversary, but playing tourists this weekend really hit that on the head. This is still a very new place for us, and most of it doesn’t feel like home yet. But we are going to live out here for the foreseeable future, so I love that we spent our first anniversary here celebrating the area as much as we celebrated ourselves. Now we’re looking forward to what year four will bring us!


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  1. How fun! I’m glad you guys are enjoying some touristy things including a dolphin cruise!!!! Yikes on the sunburn though 😦

    Congratulations on year 3! Sorry the bad friend in me cmae out and forgot :-/

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