House Tour

In which I plan to use up a set of cards from my stash (#24) while showing off as I finish decorating our house (#49).

I have a large box of note cards and notepaper. And the large box is packed to the brim, which makes it hard to find appropriate stationery for a task. I hope to write enough cards over the course of this list to finish up at least two sets of cards and clear a little space in my box. I have decided to start with these box of cards, which is almost full. I intend to use up all of these cards over the course of one project: sending a house tour in photos to both sets of my grandparents.

I sent the first installments out last week, including very roughly drawn floor plans and pictures of the outside of our house and backyard. I wrote notes explaining my plan to send all these pictures, then I wrote brief explanations on the backs of all of the pictures. I’m going to try to include a bit more information than just where the picture was taken. I included a picture of our flowering bushes out front and talked about our ongoing battle with Japanese beetles. (ew.)

I think that the photos I take over the course of the house tour will be a nice reference for us as we continue decorating here and in future houses. I recently read that rooms are decorated in layers and it really resonated with me. One of the things I enjoy most about our decorations is that the majority of them have some meaning. The furniture we buy is the result of long hunts, the things we put on our walls have stories behind them, and I think that makes our home feel right for us. I would say that our rooms vary between the first and second layers of decorating. They will evolve as we continue to replace or refinish furniture, as we acquire more decorations and take more pictures, as we buy a house and make our own paint choices. And I think it will be nice to have some pictures to illustrate how much things might change.