Mani Pedi

In which I talk about getting a manicure and pedicure, not for a wedding (#93).

Last week, I took a day off of work and played hooky with my sister in Richmond. We went to her pool, got our nails and toenails done, and did a bit of shopping.

I’ve gotten a manicure a handful of times — all for weddings. I’ve gotten pedicures a few times more than that, but certainly not many. So it was a treat to spend an hour being pampered with hot stones and pretty colors. (Even if the lady cut my cuticles back way too far. That really stings when you wash your hair.)

Normally, I do my own nails and wait until the polish is rubbing away before redoing them. I always use a very light pink on my nails so that it isn’t as noticeable when things start going south. I followed my comfort zone on my fingers, but I chose a silvery light purple for my toes. Look at me, living on the edge.

I’m especially glad that I combined this goal with a day off of work. I rarely take time off of work. I’m definitely of the school of thought that hoards paid time off until spending it in a chunk for a large vacation. We didn’t do a big vacation last summer, and we aren’t planning one this summer, so I need to start using my days to combat the work dread.

Of course, old habits die hard, so I used my comp time to get this day off. But I still spent a day away from my work projects and extended a fun weekend. I also gave myself two four-day weeks in a row, and topped everything off with a completed goal! Not bad.


One thought on “Mani Pedi

  1. I tend to hoard PTO too… But I like to throw caution to the wind and use it for l-o-n-g weekends at home or with you 🙂

    I’m glad you took a day off and got pampered. I’m trying to decide if I want a mani/pedi for my cousin’s upcoming wedding.

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