In which I catch up on a movie we saw a while ago, the fourth of five (#59).

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A while ago, the power went out in our neighborhood after a big storm. The hubs and I decided that not being able to cook dinner on our stove was the perfect excuse for an impromptu movie date. We headed out to dinner and got tickets to see Bridesmaids.

I assume that if you’re interested in this movie, you’ve already seen it. I hope you loved it. We didn’t.

There were some funny moments, but both the hubs and I thought that the best scene of the movie was the third scene in. (For those who have seen it, I’m talking about the scene in the diner.) There were funny bits after that, but I thought they all went on for about a minute too long and sapped their own energy. The funny bits weren’t enough to mask the rest of the movie, which I found to be really sad. Poop jokes don’t make me forget that the main character’s life is falling to pieces in every single way imaginable.

The date was fun, though we stayed out very late for a weeknight and came back to a house that wouldn’t have electricity for another 17 hours or so. (If I’d have known that I was going to have to get up at 5:00 and find a Starbucks that had power and internet so that I could work the next morning, I might have voted for an earlier showing and faster restaurant.)

I’m surprised that we’ve been to this many movies already. I didn’t expect to complete this goal this year, and now I intend to complete it next month. (Harry Potter 7-2, of course.) This might be one goal on my list that I’ll be able to complete several times before my 1001 days are up.