Monthly Missions for July

In which I set out my missions for July (#32), hoping to complete two months in a row.

This month, I’ll be returning to a focus on grace. I won’t always switch back and forth, but so far it has matched up with my inclinations.

1. List old furniture on Craig’s List.
Yes, this is a repeat goal from back in May. We still haven’t completed it, and I can’t wait to have the old stuff out of our house. This should be fairly simple to complete, we just need to DO it.

2. Finish decorating the house.
This shouldn’t be as lofty a challenge as it may sound. I need to decorate in the office and our new bookshelves at  the top of our stairs. I have some ideas, and I have even made a few purchases for these areas as I found things on sale. Hopefully it will just be a matter of finishing up the organizing and spending an afternoon setting things up as I’d planned.

3. Limit my spending to my fun money, making no purchases on the credit cards.
This goal will only apply to the time when I am home, as we are going to take a short vacation at some point next month. I spent some time this week revisiting our money management plan (#23). I needed to make some minor reallocation changes in our savings and monthly expenses buffers. I’d like to take this month to build up a bit more of a buffer in the pot of money that goes towards the things we pay for on our credit cards, so that we never have to dip into the real “savings” pots if our balance edges up.