June Monthly Missions

In which I revisit my missions for June (#32).

1. Work on my office until I feel calm working in it. — Complete!
This room is certainly not completed yet, but I can get in and use both desks (I roll the chair back and forth between them). You can see that there is some clutter gaining on me again, but today is my day in the office in my weekly cleaning cards. I’ve enjoyed having the space cleared up and the beginnings of organization on the first (and smaller) of two bookcases. I hope to have the other bookcase in place over the next two weeks, and then I’ll really be able to commit to getting things settled in here. After all, we’re already halfway through our lease for this house — I need to get this room functional and decorated.

2. Have a picnic breakfast on the beach. — Complete!
We successfully made it out to a new beach for a lovely birthday breakfast. It was such a nice experience that we are going to attempt something similar each weekend we’re home for the rest of the summer. Read about our low key picnic here.

3. Go to a new restaurant for happy hour. — Complete!
We completed this one with a bit of a twist. For happy hour, we went to a restaurant that we’d been to for dinner. And then we went to a completely new restaurant for dinner and had the best meal ever. We also learned that restaurant is not a good candidate for happy hour due to their small selection of drinks and wine by the glass. It is definitely more of a dinner place, where we can order a whole bottle. I also researched up a couple more restaurant ideas for the next time we want to try a happy hour.

That’s right, my friends, I’ve completed this month’s missions focusing on joy. And it was a good month. So what is in store for July? I need to finalize some ideas, so I’ll be back with my next monthly missions tomorrow.

P.S. Want to see all my monthly missions and results so far? Check out my monthly missions page. You can always find it on the right column of the blog! (Click on through if you’re viewing in a reader.)