Adventures in Cherry Brown Butter Bars

In which I post about embracing my third of ten food adventures (#80).

This week I embarked on a food adventure by myself. I bought a ton of cherries and needed a recipe to use some up. Luckily, I have plans for this weekend that demand some sweets. I chose to make Cherry Brown Butter Bars from Smitten Kitchen. (I’m not going to repost the recipe because I followed it as written.) I knew that they’d be an adventure because I had to buy a new gadget to pit the cherries and had to bake them in two steps. Not to mention all the bowls and pans I’d use.

The crust came together and cooked quickly, but then I had to wait for it to cool before moving on to the next step. This was the first time that I’d used parchment paper to fake a tart pan, and it worked pretty well. I was worried about my corners, so I greased those a bit. (And yet, the filling stuck a bit.)

I pitted the cherries and held them in the fridge for a bit. I didn’t pit enough cherries to make up the weight called for in the recipe, but I still had plenty left over. (It was pretty fun, and could be a good way to relieve some stress. If you really, really like cherries, at least.) Then I got started browning the butter. I probably could have browned it a bit more, but you can definitely taste it in the finished bars, so my impatience didn’t harm anything.

The filling couldn’t be easier to put together, but I did have some trouble determining when the bars were cooked through. I cooked them for five minutes longer than the recipe called for, and I’m not sure that they are quite done. But they are good a little on the raw side, so I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this recipe to others.

And here is the end result of my labors:

I’d call that a successful food adventure. The treats are now hanging out in my freezer until they will be tested on Sunday.