Beach Picnic

In which I follow up on my plan to have breakfast on the beach, one of my monthly missions (#32).

When I first planned on doing a beach picnic breakfast, I had visions of mini quiche and cinnamon-sugar crescent rolls, with some sort of a juice-booze blend. And I’m not going to forget it. I think that it would make a lovely picnic breakfast when we have guests sometime. But this month’s picnic celebrated the hubs’ birthday. Mini quiches fall under the category of caring because I care, not caring for the sake of the mini quiche itself.

So, I changed to a simpler plan. Donuts and coffee. My only concession to being, well, me, was that I wrapped the coffees in our cloth napkins and tied them with a bit of twine and packed alcohol wipes in case our hands got sugary. We tossed things into a bag with a blanket and our books and headed out to a non-tourist beach. Since it was father’s day, we did a lot of people and baby watching (the hats, guys, the adorable chubby baby HATS). We stayed out for a couple of hours, reading and walking along the beach. I got just a touch of sunburn on my shoulders. (I think I didn’t get the sunscreen all the way under he straps of my sundress — don’t you hate that?)

It was a really lovely start to the day.


3 thoughts on “Beach Picnic

  1. No picture of the beach. By the time we got out there, it was already pretty crowded, so I really would have ended up taking pictures of other people’s kids.

    And I try not to freak the people with the cute baby hats from moving away from me in fear.

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