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In which I post again about decorating our house  (#49), presenting photos of our latest furniture addition.

This morning, the hubs and I cleared some space by stacking up the old, ugly, still-not-listed-on-Craig’s-List couch. Our room was looking pretty forlorn, with our end table (Pottery Barn) and ottoman (Kmart) orphaned in the space.  Luckily, they weren’t lonely for long before the delivery truck arrived with our new armchairs.

I could not be more excited about getting these chairs. This was the first design that the hubs and I agreed on when we started looking at furniture last fall. We contemplated getting the couch of this design, but second guessed ourselves out of it. Still, this was the first glimpse into the style and tone we were aiming for with our first furniture purchases.

After we moved into our new place and ordered our couch, we decided that we’d visit these chairs to see if we still liked them. And, lo, we did. They are the perfect size for me to curl up in while reading, a big point in their favor. So we decided to purchase two and place them in the room with our wood stove. Facing them towards the stove helps define the space separately from the TV room (with our couch). However, the chairs are larger than we’d been picturing in our heads. I’m thinking that it is tight, but we are going to live with it for a bit to see if it is just the change from our placeholder furniture coloring our reactions. (The backs are crinkled a bit from being wrapped on the truck. They said that should loosen as they sit.)

The details of these chairs really make it for me. They are Hickorycraft, which we bought from Thomasville Furniture. We debated on our fabric choice for a while. I was looking at neutral patterns, but we just couldn’t agree. The hubs finally branched out and started pulling from the blue section. We ended up with a very light blue and olive green stripe, which reads as surprisingly less bright than we’d remembered it. We chose a leg stain that is similar to both the legs on our couch (in case they go in the same room in our next place) and the side table we got from Pottery Barn. The curves on the legs compliment each other, and I love the softness that the camel back brings. And the stripes are wonderfully matched up, unlike cheaper furniture we’d seen, which is nice since the backs are definitely seen.

These chairs are the last furniture we intend to buy for this house. We’ll still be inheriting two more bookcases before we’ll consider the house fully furnished. I am very proud of all the pieces we’ve bought. They are all, even the put-it-together-yourself pieces, of a higher quality than what we’ve owned before. They bring some personality into our space and reflect our style. That style is not what I’d first pictured, but feels like home. Finally, they are the fruits of our money management: all the furniture we’ve bought was paid for with money we got as wedding presents three years ago. Next time I start feeling a bit trapped by my own ideas about spending and saving, I should look around my house for reassurance.

P.S. Ordering these chairs was part of my first set of monthly missions. (Which I didn’t complete.) Since then, I’ve started a new page tracking my missions. You can always click on the graphic to the right to see what else I didn’t finish on time. 


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  1. Did I really miss this exciting event by ONE DAY?!?!? Total fail on my part…

    They look great! I can’t wait to claim the pink chair as my own for all future visits 🙂

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