Our Guest Bedroom

In which I finish up the sneak peek photos and declare another room in our house to be decorated (#49).

Well, here we go. The last of my sneak peek photos from so long ago. Welcome to our guest bedroom, friends.

This room is one of the most fulfilling of our house. This is the room that we didn’t have in our last apartment, so I was excited to have a place for guests to stay that didn’t involve an air mattress and me cleaning my office. Almost everything in the room is new, so it was fun to choose furniture and fittings and further define our style.

When we moved in, this was also the room whose walls were in the worst shape. Tons of nail holes, scuffs, strange pitting, you name it. The blinds were broken. It was disheartening. We didn’t want to do all the work to fill in the nail holes, so we just pulled out the nails that remained in the wall. And attempted to touch up the paint in the really bad areas with paint from the shed.

Of course, the paint from the shed was an entirely different color than the room. (It matched the green downstairs, but was much lighter than the green upstairs.) Eventually, with a visit from my parents as motivation, we cleared everything out and repainted the entire room with the downstairs green. (No, we still didn’t fill the nail holes. Mostly because we were racing against time, but a little bit out of spite, too.) First of the sneak peek photos! Our first painting adventure was a success. The lighter green really helped brighten the room without an overhead light.

We had gotten a bed and box spring from my sister (thanks!), but hadn’t purchased a bedframe yet. We ordered one from Amazon, and turned our efforts to bed linens. (Second of the sneak peek photos!) We bought a clearance ($5!) bedskirt from Target, two clearance Euro shams from Bed, Bath, and Beyond, and two Euro pillows, and a coverlet from CSN through Amazon. I already had the brown sheets, which were from Marshalls. I am pretty happy with it. I would only rather that the back pillows with shams were wider, but I liked the fabric of these shams better than any of the clearance standard shams.

This is our vanity (last seen here), with the top closed so that the hubs can use it as a desk. We bought a set of these lovely dark brown parsons chairs from JC Penney, which will come in handy if we ever have a ton of people over at once. This vanity is from West Elm. Thanks to a tip from the best friend, we next headed to IKEA, whose “black-brown” finish was a good match for West Elms “Chocolate”.

We bought this 2×2 Expedit shelf, and a simple (not shown) Lack side table to act as a nightstand. This TV came out of our bedroom, where we never used it.

Finally, I have a picture of a small — but very exciting — improvement. The real switch, on the right, only controlled the ceiling fan which doesn’t have an overhead light. The plastic switch on the left works with a sensor plugged into the outlet and a floor lamp plugged into the sensor. Pretty neat stuff.

Those are the bones are the guest room. On the walls, we’ve got the Literary Map, my cool project, the Richmond Type Map, and a place-holder info graphic mapping the movements of the Fellowship in the Lord of the Rings. It’s a super dorky thing, and it makes me happy enough that I intend to recreate it, based on the books rather than the movies. (You can actually glimpse it in the very top picture in this post, so you know it doesn’t scream Lord of the Rings RISK or anything.) I really like everything that we’ve got going on in there. The furniture fits us, and the decorations are good for guests but also really work as the hubs’ writing space as well.


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  1. LOVE this space! It is definitely a great guest room and I felt right at home 🙂

    The cool project is so much more amazing in person and the neato lamp switch is BOSS!

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