Finally, Curtains.

In which I reveal the curtains that we finally hung last month, after having them in the house for about five months (#32), the only monthly mission I completed last month.

I swear, I am almost done with my sneak peek post decoding. I’ll definitely finish it before a month has passed since I first posted it.

In order to hang our curtains, we needed to do some spot painting (over our last attempt at spot painting, which was the correct color but wrong paint finish.) The hubs took care of that one afternoon I was gone. Then we popped up the curtain rods that we’d had almost as long as the curtains, I washed and ironed the curtains, and we were done.

It was one of those projects that didn’t take long once we got started. But that initial friction, man, that kills. The final look:

These are blackout, thermal curtains that we bought for very cheap from Due to the style of blinds we inherited when we rented, we got a style of curtain rod that slightly undermines those qualities. (For real thermal and blackout, they suggest that you get the old style rods that curve around to the wall.) We hung them just above the floor so that we can easily pull them shut in the evenings.

These look a bit cheaper than the same style that we have hanging in our bedroom, so I was slightly disappointed. After having them up for a bit, I do think I’ve gotten used to them and their imperfections. And they certainly add a bit of softness to our high quality brick-and-board shelving on that side of the room.