Missions New and Old

In which I revisit my missions for May and set some out for June (#32).

Time has been getting away from me here. It seems like I blinked, and then May was over. So how did I do on my monthly missions?

1. Hang curtains in living room.
Completed! I have them on my old sneak peek post.  I hope to have posts for the last of those pictures up this week.

2. List old furniture on Craig’s List.
Womp, woooooomp. Not completed. But we are just nine days away from getting the last of our furniture delivered, so this should definitely be taken care of this week.

3. Work on using my cleaning cards daily.
Semi-completed. I worked on it, but didn’t use them as much as I should. I hope to continue working on making this routine.

So, I’ll turn my attention to my missions for June. This month, I’m focusing on joy.

1. Work on my office until I feel calm working in it.
My office is the last room that we’ve really tackled in the house. I want to work on it enough this month so that I can move around in it for a day without stressing myself out or making work projects worse than they need to be.

2. Have a picnic breakfast on the beach.
I am thinking of doing this to celebrate the hubs’ birthday this month. I’m going to plan and pack a whole breakfast menu, and we’ll head out to the beach before it gets too hot or too crowded.

3. Go to a new restaurant for happy hour.
Hopefully going out for happy hour will help us limit the cost of eating out a bit, while we’ll be able to get a feel for a restaurant and see if we’d be interested in going back for dinner. Plus, going out for drinks is always good fun.

P.S. I’m working on a page that will consolidate all my monthly missions and results. Keep an eye out for it on the right column of the blog later today! (Click on through if you’re viewing in a reader.)


One thought on “Missions New and Old

  1. You’re monthly missions are great, even if they get a womp woooooomp. I mean, it’s great to have a plan but let’s be honest, some things can wait and building a routine can take time!

    But June’s missions sound awesome! I’m really hoping you can get your office into working order. And I’m looking forward to pictures (mandatory) for the breakfast picnic and you should make Hubs wear a tie and you can get fancy-schmancy for happy hour which I think is a great mini date!

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