Getting OUT of the House

In which I reflect on living it up around here (#68) and doing so in the form of an effective 15 minute work break (#75).

I haven’t worked on narrowing down the list of things I want to do around here to my main five goals yet. But that hasn’t stopped me from tackling some of the things I’ve got on the long version!

Over the past two weekends, the hubs and I went to a community theatre musical, a free concert, and an airshow. How is that for living it up? These fun thing couldn’t have come at a better time.

Working from home has been wearing on me a bit more than usual these past few weeks. We’ve been getting a ton done around the house (guest room pictures coming soon!), but it is still hard to look around without seeing a to do list. It doesn’t help that my office is the last room that we’ve tackled, so I’ve been making some small progress towards decorating as I live between piles in there. I’m going to have to finish it up soon so that my space will be interesting and orderly, even when my job is … not. (If I have to take one more duplicate screenshot for a process, I might cry.)

Getting out on the weekends helps, but I need to live it up a bit more on the weekdays too. I’ve been blaring music and singing along really loudly, but I need to push myself to get outside at lunch some more. Maybe run out for lunch just to get moving and feel like I’ve had a treat. Run to Target in the morning before work, or to Trader Joes and pick up some flowers. I’ve been feeling like I need just a little extra ooomph to get me through these projects at work that aren’t my job, and that I can’t really identify how they fell to me.

I definitely need to start thinking about my 15 minute work breaks. So, any ideas for a work break to “reset” my mind? So far, the only thing I’ve got so far is really focusing when I make my tea — staring into the cup, moving my tea bag up and down and trying to slow my breathing to match. But I’m not in a cubicle! I could have much more outrageous work breaks. Help me think of some to try out, wouldn’t you?


2 thoughts on “Getting OUT of the House

  1. Hmm… I always find that laughter helps me restart.

    But I also think that going to buy flowers is great! Or find a wine store with an expert and you can go pick up a special/dinner complimentary wine once in a while. Or just sit outside and really soak up the sun for 5 minutes, feel the heat and brightness and really focus on it.

    I need to start working on this one too… Big time!

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