On the Walls

In which I post a ton of photos about my favorite decorations in our house, the things we hang on our walls (#49).

We’ve been working a lot recently on getting our house squared away. In part, this was prompted by my parents’ first visit to the house, but we are also coming up on the six month mark for living here. Six months is far to long to be living like you just moved in, so we are finishing up rooms left and right.

And that includes hanging a lot of pictures, as you can see in my sneak peek. And really, the pictures that we have up on the walls is one of my favorite parts about decorating with the hubs.

We represent where we met:

places we’ve been:

places we’ve lived:


and family:

Of course we have some pictures that we just like, and some wedding pictures too. But these shots give a good view of the other thing I like about how we decorate — things are grouped differently, so each wall looks different.

We’ve been hanging up so much recently that I thought I’d talk a little bit about how we do this without killing each other. Nothing ground-breaking here, but we can use all the help we can get. Our best friends? The laser level that the hubs got as a wedding present and painter’s tape. Scrap paper comes in at a close third.

Sometimes, we go old school and just measure things out:

But that doesn’t always give us consistent results. (I guess I am measuring impaired.) That’s where the painter’s tape comes in.

For this grouping, we used the laser level to tape out the square that the outside edge made. Then we just lined up the framed with that outside edge to place the nails. Unfortunately, we still had to measure in two directions to get the nail in the right place.

So we busted out the scrap paper for the next big groupings. I traced all our frames onto scrap paper and an old roll of IKEA wrapping paper that I hadn’t even opened in the years I owned it. It was easy to press the paper down onto the back of the frame and then mark where to nail. If the photos were in a straight line, we’d use the laser level to get them all lined up. If not, we’d get the laser level to get them close, but create the balanced grouping by eye:

Then we could just nail directly through the marks, remove the paper, and go back and level the photos after they were hung:

(I need to revisit the photo of the hubs’ paternal grandparents on the top right.)

But these family wedding pictures are obviously not what I showed taped out in all its glory. That, my friends, is my favorite decorating project in what has become my favorite room in our house. Unfortunately for you — and especially for my best friend, who’s heard how excited I am about it for weeks without any details about what it actually is — it is also a story for another day. Coming soon!


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  1. I love all the picture hanging 🙂 I’m proud to be the master of that at my house!

    And teaser!!!! That huge wall of goodness and I have to wait!?!?!

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