Online Ordering Frenzy

In which I reveal why I was jumping up at every sound outside my house last week (#49).

This  may be the least exciting photo from last week’s sneak peek. That, my friends, is a pile of boxes from products that we ordered online to enrich our lives. I was so excited to get all the things we purchased that I checked the delivery estimates a million times a day, and our doorstep only a bit less often. And they came, and changed the game!  Or at least our guest room.

As for our lives, they were not quite changed by the only purchase we made for our own room:

This is a lovely alarm clock that gradually lights up a half hour before the alarm goes off. I don’t get to use it, since I get up more than a half hour before the hubs does. (Boo.)

Ooooo.  Check out that glow. So far, it hasn’t made mornings much easier around here, but I am still excited about it. Hopefully it will work out if we give it a bit more time.


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