Coffee Table Arrival

In which I present new furnishings, which were instrumental in helping me decorate a bit more (#49).

Meet our new coffee table. It arrived while we were making dinner last Thursday, and we promptly forgot about dinner so that we could do the slight assembly that it needed. (Don’t worry: we were having salad, and it suffered being ignored just fine.) And I’m pleased to report that I actually liked it right away, which is a nice relief after the couch. I like the curve of the legs and the table top. I’m still looking at those slight details to keep our rooms feeling warm and comfortable. (Instead of modern and sterile.) The tone of the wood helps with that as well. It is a nice reddish brown wood, only slightly less red than our “inspiration” for the wood tones we’re buying, our buffet.

It is going to take some getting used to, as all changes do. It is a little bit large, but I think our couch balances it pretty well. (I had to take this picture by standing a foot and a half away from the table, due to the size of the room, so it seems to dominate a it more than in real life.) I’m hoping that we can keep the top mostly clear. The now-important coasters are the permanent exception to that, and I’m sure it will get piled up from time to time. Piles are in my genes.

On the lower shelf, I put our decorative suitcase, which we use to contain our remote clutter. And I jumped at the chance to store some of our larger coffee table books and scrapbooks within easy reach. (Because what good is a scrapbook that you spend hours on and never look at again?)

Clinton Kelly claims that your home should reflect your most fabulous self, and your cohabitant can choose the cars. Still, I think that our choices so far have reflected both me and the hubs. I have scrapbooks of our senior year of college, our first vacations together, our trip to Italy where we got engaged, and our honeymoon. I have our engagement and wedding albums. And for him, I have several of the baseball-centric large books. Nicely balanced, no?

We ordered this, along with matching side tables from Pottery Barn. There was a slight mix-up on their end, which delayed the shipping of our tables by about a week. We got a refund of the shipping costs — 10% of the order total — so that worked out in our favor in the end. I never thought I’d order from Pottery Barn, as I generally believe that you are paying mostly for the name, but this coffee table just worked the best of the ones we saw.


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  1. I LOVE it! The more I look at it the more in love I am. The rounded corners and curved legs really make a difference. It feels unconventional but classic. Really beautiful.

    And I want to steal the side table…

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