April Missions Revisited

In which I finally finish some of my monthly missions on time (#32), complete with photographic proof.

1. Make a list of things to see and do around our new area.
We have a starting list, at least. It ranges from places that we want to visit, like the Botanical Gardens, Aquarium, and Nauticus to things that we want to do, like picnic on the beach, go to an outdoor concert, go to an airshow. I’ll be adding a few more things to our list before distilling it into five must-visit places for #68. We have plans to get started on these things to see and do this month.

2.  Get our hot tub water checked out and chemical-ed up for regular use.
We drained the hot tub, and then it drained itself, and then it wasn’t heating — but we finally have a functioning hot tub with all the correct chemicals in it. Here we are, in the least dork of many, many pictures taken with the timer on my camera. You can’t really see it, but I am rocking the most expensive swim suit I’ve ever bought. I do love it, and if ever there were a time to buy expensive swim suits, now is that time. (And, as you can see from the picture, now is also the time to work on my posture.  Terrible!)

3. Keep constant cut flowers in our house.
I bought six bouquets of flowers this month, in three batches. I didn’t take pictures of the middle batch, of tulips, because they didn’t last very long in our warm house. But these last ranunculus are my favorite by far. I like the grouping with my cheap IKEA vases, and they are so fluffy that they make me happy. They seem to be flourishing so far, and I have high hopes that they’ll last for a bit. I bought all my flowers at Trader Joe’s.

Extra Credit: Tuesday Tune
I really enjoyed picking out music to match my previous week. Last week, the hubs and I spend some time cooking and eating dinner while rocking out to his Pandora station based on “Build Me Up Buttercup.” It was very fun, and I think that dancing in the kitchen was a great activity for cultivating joy. For your joy, I give you dancing penguins from Happy Feet, rather than having to watch us.

This month was not altogether joyful. But I’m working in the right direction, and it did have its moments. I’d like to continue with the feeling of this month as I turn my focus to grace for next month’s missions.


One thought on “April Missions Revisited

  1. Love the list! Can’t wait to see updates!

    Love the hot tub picture! That bathing suit is fab against your skin. I love the color 🙂 And I’m just plain happy you found such a sassy one!

    Flowers are the best… And my favorite part is that ranunculus reminds me of ridiculous and that makes me happy (I know, it’s totally random!).

    And I love the idea of you and hubs breaking it down in the kitchen! Totally adorable and leaning toward joy!

    I certainly hope May exceeds your expectations!

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