Enchilada Casserole

In which I attempt to get back on the meal planning wagon so that I waste less food (#4).

Last week, the hubs and I made chicken enchiladas for dinner. I took the opportunity to pack a few meals away into the freezer by making two enchilada casseroles at the same time. We’ve been returning to our pre-training evening routine. I get off of work just before the hubs gets home, somewhere around 5:00. We generally make a cocktail or open beers. Then he goes upstairs to get some writing time in. Recently, I’ve been reading during this time, but I plan to use it for some projects in the future. We turn our attention to dinner, and have been eating around 7:30.

So, like everyone else in the world, I’ve been focusing on meals that we can prep ahead of time or are quick to come together for weeknights. I cooked up the filling for the enchildadas in the crock pot the day before we made them. (I posted about that here.) This time, I had four large chicken breasts, seasoned up with adobo, cumin, and Chipotle tabasco sauce. After they’d cooked up a lot, I shredded them with two forks and added one and a half bell peppers, chopped up at the same time we were chopping for that night’s stir fry. (I might use a full two bell peppers next time — the more peppers,the more the chicken stretches.) I tossed that together with some lime juice (which we always have in our fridge, for the love of gin) and cooked it as we finished and ate our stir fry. Then the mixture went into the fridge to wait for the next night.

I made enchiladas with small corn tortillas (warm them up on a griddle so that they don’t crumble as you try to wrap them) and pre-made enchilada sauce. Once we got those into the toaster oven, I turned my attention to the casseroles.

I used my small french white corningware, and started out with a bit of enchilada sauce. Then I layered in the tortilla strips, filling, more sauce and finished it all up with shredded cheddar and jack cheese. I topped the casseroles with plastic wrap, then their lids. Definitely not a recipe as such, but my first attempt was very yummy.

Now I have two more meals waiting in the freezer for me. I’ll just pull one out the day before I want it and let it thaw. Then I’ll remove the top and plastic wrap and cook it up in the toaster oven. With a couple of cans of beans and maybe some rice stashed in the pantry, we’ll be ready to go.

Best of all, I got four meals for two people out of four chicken breasts. How’s that for not wasting food?


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