Pillow Winners

In which I reveal the newest decoration choices the hubs and I have made (#49).

The hubs and I have decided on the winning pillows to adorn our new sofa. Out of the pillow mountain, we chose the textured blue pillows that came in a set of two from Bed, Bath and Beyond, and the patterned cream pillows from Target.

I think these pillows hit the mark. The blue pillows are firm enough that if I sit with one behind me, I can actually touch the floor with my feet like a normal adult. It is slightly more blue than the rug, which helps everything look a little more varied and a bit less neutral. The rectangular cream pillows hug the arms of the couch nicely if we need to get them out of the way for a bit, all without being too girly. Plus, they were all much cheaper than the other options, and aren’t made of slippery fabric that will slide around.

But if we’re using those cream pillows on the couch, what have we planned to do with the pink chair once we move it into this room in June? Don’t worry — we found something for there too:

A better-sized blue puckered pillow from Bed, Bath and Beyond. Perfect for providing some more support if I decide to curl up in the chair, and a good size for the hubs to sit with when he reads. (He hugs pillows as a habit.)

We have a few more goals for this room that I hope to tackle this weekend. Looks like it might be the next one to be completely decorated.


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