Pile o’ Pillows

In which I admit to a spending splurge on throw pillows to decorate our new couch (#49).

This weekend, I bought a small mountain of throw pillows from a variety of stores. While visiting my sister, I bought pillows from Bed, Bath and Beyond, Homegoods, and Pier 1. After an initial trial run on our couch, I have definitely chosen a favorite combination for the front room of our house. I’m not sure if the hubs will agree with me, though, so I won’t reveal my preference just yet. The pillows need to bring a bit of color and interest up to the couch, while coordinating with our blue-cream-brown berries rug. They also need to add a bit of functionality so that I can sit up straight on our couch without my feet dangling on the floor like a child’s. Stay tuned!


2 thoughts on “Pile o’ Pillows

  1. Tell hubs I’m torn between two browns and the super colorful one, or two pale blues and the longer designed one. But I also can’t fully see the brown with the embroidered design so I’m at a disadvantage. And I still love the original pillow, for myself!

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