One room down!

In which I tour through the first room in our house to be decorated completely (#49) and post a ton of photos.

The downstairs of our house is fairly open. We have the entryway, which leads into both the kitchen and the room where we have the TV. Both of those spaces, in turn, open onto a second living area with the wood stove. This back room is the first room that I’m ready to declare decorated.

The walls are dominated by bookshelves, full of books that are forever going to smell like smoke. On the up side, they will remind us of our time in this house, heating with out wood stove. On the down side, all our books will smell like smoke. Yech. The shelves are dotted with various knickknacks that will be switched around occasionally. I’ve arranged ceramics that I made in college along with some large vases and other glass decorations. Some of these pieces used to live in our kitchen prior to moving here, but these cabinets go all the way to the ceiling.

Flanking those bookshelves, we have two groupings of framed pictures. To the left, in the corner of the arch leading into the other room, we have a collection of Italy prints and photos. Here’s a closer look:

We have three photos that the hubs and took on our trip to Italy years ago, when we got engaged. (The top is a church in the Roman Forum, middle is a staircase in the Vatican Museum, the lowest is a shot over a mountain town.) We also have two watercolor prints that we bought as we walked along the river from St. Peters to the Castel Sant’Angelo. The hubs picked out the top view of the Spanish Steps, and I chose the Trevi Fountain. Facing these in the corner is a print form an illuminated manuscript from Sienna that my in-laws gave me when I moved into my first apartment.

On the other side of the bookshelves, we have a collection of prints depicting the places the hubs and I have lived together. The top two are line drawings of Fredericksburg, where we went to college and met each other. We have Goolricks pharmacy, home of fabulous chocolate Cokes, and the Hyperion coffee shop. The bottom two are prints of Richmond. The first is my favorite, since we lived a few blocks from St. Johns Church, and the second shot is of Monument Avenue.

At the front of this room, or the back of the house, we have our fireplace with the wood stove in it. We have a poster of a Monet painting in a frame that matches the Fredericksburg and Richmond cards, as well as the Italy photos. The large print used to be up in our bedroom, but we decided that the size helped balance out the fireplace.

If we round the room from the fireplace, we have the half wall into the kitchen. We have our china buffet and a bookshelf with our glassware in it. The bookshelf is decorated with my lovely cork board project with its wine themed accompanying art. These bridge the wall from the kitchen into the fireplace room.

This room is completely decorated, but not yet furnished. We have our wonderful rug from Lowe’s, which will stay, and two placeholder chairs. (Yes, one is part of our ugly old couch.) The pink chair will move into the room with the couch and the TV once we get the real furniture that will live in here. This weekend, we ordered two Hickorycraft armchairs from the Thomasville store in Richmond. I’m very nervous about them, since the couch was not a complete success. We debated for a long time over the fabric choice, and I hope that we end up liking what we decided on. You’ll just have to wait until they are delivered in June to weigh in.

We’ve already purchased a lamp, but we need to buy an end table and an ottoman to finish out this room. I’m hoping that we can get a storage ottoman so that we can keep blankets and bookmark ready at hand for those nights when we read in front out our fire. (Our wood stove does have windows, so we get the benefit of watching the fire crackle as well as the blower sending heat our way.) I’m hoping that we will be able to find some items that fit the bill this month or next, so that the chairs will be the finishing touches on this room. And I’ll take light at the end of the tunnel, even if it is only one room at a time.


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