Awesome April Missions

In which I ignore my March missions entirely and move on for another month (#32).

I took a this picture of the tulip explosion in the Botanical Gardens in Richmond about this time last year. I love me some tulips, and I am going to be focusing on living joyfully this month. Grace can wait: I want to cultivate a tipsy, laugh your ass off, sleep deeply kind of joy for the next thirty days. The hubs and I will finally be exiting our limbo period (the purgatory, not the dance contest) and getting used to how our lives are going to be for the next couple of years. This is a heady prospect, and one that I intend to celebrate with champagne, gimlets, and margaritas.

And a hot tub.

Monthly missions:

1. Make a list of things to see and do around our new area.
We’ve been talking about this off and on, and it is time to embrace the move and start researching what is available to us here. Time to make a list that doesn’t have to do with unpacking, cleaning, or buying. I’m ready to experience something new and start putting out some small root tendrils into this area and our new life.

2.  Get our hot tub water checked out and chemical-ed up for regular use.
We have had the hot tub turned down during the coldest of the winter to save money, and I’m sure the water is both low and funky by this point. I want to take advantage of the cool nights and days we have left to slowly stew ourselves into calm and restful versions of ourselves. I want to bust out the bath sheets that we bought but haven’t used. I want to spend time enjoying the hubs’ nearness after these long months of days apart. I can’t wait to try out my new swim suits and not worry about my wobbly bits.

3. Keep constant cut flowers in our house.
I’ll be spending a bit of my fun money this month towards constantly keeping cut flowers around, even though it looks like we’ll have another month where we head out somewhere each weekend. I could use the cheerful color, and the soothing act of keeping track of them, without the pressure of trying to keep them alive and thriving. (You should see my poor potted plants. They’ve lasted through vacations, moving, over zealous trimming, but my week away dog sitting was almost too much for them. I’ve cut one back to spiky stems, and I’m just hoping it has the energy to recover.)


One thought on “Awesome April Missions

  1. Lovely new header 🙂

    I love the idea of a month of joy! Tipsy, laugh your ass off joy sounds fantastic and I hope it goes really well! Plus, pretty flowers never hurt anyone!

    Good luck and I sure hope to see you this month to share some joy!!!

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