Meal in a Pinch

In which I report on my progress eating real meals while the hubs is away at training (#2) by obnoxiously answering assumed questions.

Even though I have what spoiled, well-fed people like myself call “no food” in the house, I decided not to go grocery shopping this week.

Yes, I really am exactly that lazy. (Besides, it was cold.) So I spent a week scrounging around for meals.

No, it wasn’t terrible. It was the meal above that brought home how little I was having to scrape the bottom of the barrel. It seems as though I am fulfilling the hell out of this goal.

Yes, I have been using the “hell out of” that phrase recently.

Yes, this meal really was from last week of the no shopping. In fact, it was from the middle of the week. A fully complete, fairly healthy meal. (Especially when compared to say, beer and doritos.  Just to pull a few, uh, random examples.)

Yes, I had that all in my freezer and pantry. From the freezer, I’ve got the Turkey Meatballs and some green beans, both of which I microwaved right on the plate. I ramped it up with some instant mashed potatoes, the likes of which I used to love in school lunches. I added some dried chives and fresh ground black pepper, because I hear in some circles, that’s considered cooking.

Yes, I think that show is ridiculous too. I once saw her take a perfectly normal store-bought apple pie and scoop it into store-bought puff pastry, claiming that constituted a better dessert.

Why, yes, indeed, that is a martini with my dinner. I only had one.

Yes, really.

Yes, a martini is pretty much just straight gin.

No, it doesn’t taste like Christmas trees.

Yes, I think I need to make meal prep weekends a regular part of our meal planning routine once the hubs is home. It has been a nice resource for the days when I am completely worn out. Or just lazy.


One thought on “Meal in a Pinch

  1. I feel like some of those assumed questions were in my voice… Gin does taste like Christmas tree water people! Do not let KB fool you!!!

    I have to say, I’m super impressed! I haven’t shopped this week and I’ve been eating cereal for dinner… I’ve missed cereal! It’s delicious! And part of a well-balanced breakfast which makes it a fully-balanced dinner, right? Yeah, I’m sticking with that logic.

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