The First of Five

In which I attempt to slow down my mind with a treat in magazine form, the first of five magazine purchases (#72).

I am a big fan of magazines. In fact, I’m currently campaigning for my sisters-in-law to exchange gifts of  magazine subscriptions for next Christmas. (It’s perfect: we’re all fairly broke, and subscriptions are usually in the $20-$25 range. We are all in various positions that result in spending a lot of time sans-husbands. A monthly arrival of magazine goodness — it’s the gift that keeps on giving! Like the Magic Bullet, but easier to store.)

This past month, I’ve been out of it in a lot more areas of my life than my 101 project and this blog. (Boo.) So I’m taking some steps to get my mind in gear to make April a better experience for me. I have been getting Real Simple for over three years, and I’ve decided to go through all of them, reorganizing them by year and making an index of all the recipes that I’d like to try.

I had decided to treat myself to a new magazine this week, but I’m a bit saturated with the home/cleaning/cooking type of content from looking through all my back issues of Real Simple. So I turned my attention away from those magazine types and decided on a big, fat issue of In Style. (Chosen entirely based on size of the issue and lack of references to “what he REALLY wants in the bedroom/kitchen/tool shed” in the blurbs on the cover. Apparently, I am cheap and secretly 80. Wait: that is not news.)

It has been such a long time since I got a traditional girly magazine. (Hmm, somehow that comes across with a whole different connotation than I was expecting.) Tina Fey on the cover? 52 “cute outfit ideas”? I am excited. I can hardly wait to see what expensive lipstick they claim I need to own. Ah, a $36 one from Nordstrom. But it comes in a sleek, gold case!

Whew. Glad I’m more of a silver kind of girl. I feel as though I’ve dodged a bullet there.


One thought on “The First of Five

  1. With Tina Fey on the cover, I feel like this magazine was MADE for you! In fact, I almost picked it up when I stopped by CVS last weekend, but I was going to get it for myself… I’m broke, 80, and selfish… But, we knew that!

    I like the idea of a realistic and good style mag 🙂

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