Ready for Spring Dinners

In which I get excited about the prospect of dinner in spring and talk about our progress in decorating (#49).

Check out the newest addition in our attempt to furnish and decorate our new place! The hubs and I have been excited about having a porch since we moved into our last apartment, which had only six small windows to the outside world. Of which, only three opened. We daydreamed about eating dinner outside, with a pitcher of booze and a cooling grill nearby.

While we are still looking into a modest grill (and I’m hoarding a Lowe’s coupon for just that purpose), we jumped on this patio set this weekend. The experience included all sorts of wishful thinking, though it started out well. We’d been casually pricing things out when we visited Kmart on a whim. This set was on sale for almost as little as those light, flimsy, plastic sets usually cost. The sale ended that day, so we decided to snap it up.

We knew that the table was an appropriate size for both our porch and our storage shed out back. And the chairs were both comfortable, and stacked for easy storage. All for about $150! Unfortunately, the size of this purchase was completely inappropriate for both of our cars. So those nice chairs eventually came home looking like this:

Unfortunately, it took two trips home and a tool purchase in the store before we were able to disassemble them enough to fit into my car. Which brings me to another point of optimism inherent in this purchase: we bought them on a 40° day. So I spent an hour or so advertising the hell out of our chairs as I sat in them outside of the Kmart. I answered questions about their comfort level, their price, their other fabric choices, the duration of the sale.

I think I should get a cut, because I saw one other couple I talked to about them loading up this same set a few minutes later.

Of course, THEY drove an SUV.

We reassembled the chairs and put together the table on another cold day — this time, we dealt with the added benefit of some icy rain — and there they sit, just waiting for some warm weather and an inaugural meal. Waiting to be complemented with some flowers and a small weather proof cabinet of some sort for the chemicals for the hot tub. Another weekend shopping trip or two, and I hope to declare one “room” in our new house furnished and decorated. Until then, the table and I will wait as patiently as we can.


One thought on “Ready for Spring Dinners

  1. I admire your advertising skills, and your staying warm skills…

    In other news, I can’t WAIT to come enjoy dinner (and booze) on that porch!

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