Update: Couch Comfort

In which I attempt to get excited again about furnishing and decorating our house (#49).

Since I was away from home last week, this is the first week that I’ve really gotten to use our new couch. I am definitely breaking in the seat cushion that I’ve been gravitating towards. That is a promising development. And I can curl up comfortably in the corner, which was a big decision point as we were shopping. I’m currently using one of the old couch cushions as a throw cushion, which makes all the difference in the sitting comfort. I’m happy to say that I am more pleased by it than my initial impression.

I don’t want to rush into getting throw pillows, though, since they will be a big part in how the room will end up looking. I have been keeping an eye out to get an idea about what is available, but so far I don’t have any front runners for the couch. I ordered a swatch of wood for a possible coffee table purchase for this room. We’ll be comparing the wood tones to make sure that they’ll go together well enough, and I intend to use wrapping paper to map out the size so that we can see if it will completely overwhelm the couch. (A definite possibility.)

Once we order our new chairs that will go in the adjoining room, this room will also be the home for a pink armchair. I’ve been interested in getting a more decorative pillow to tie in the colors of the room and help the arrangement feel intentional. I found a contender at Bed Bath and Beyond, but I think I might be liking the one above, from Target, a bit more. I imagine that we’ll end up buying the BBB one and switching them out for a couple of days to see which one wins out in the end. They were both this shape, but the BBB pillow had a more constant floral pattern. This pillow struck me as being a bit more gender neutral, and it is also a bit cheaper, but is of a slightly lesser quality.

Since this chair is currently in the adjacent room, here’s a shot of the throw pillow with our rug. The gray-blues are a good match, and I like the cream. It seems to lighten things up a bit, and I’m thinking the room could use something like that. I’ll be keeping the receipt for this one until we make a choice, but I’m glad that I bought it. Seeing it in the room is invaluable.

All in all, we have a long way to go in this room. We’ll definitely be getting the throw pillows and a coffee table in this round of furnishing. Of course, those nice things will make our brick-and-board shelves for movies and games, our birch-colored IKEA TV stand, and our hand-me-down end table more noticeable. We are not planning on replacing any of those just yet, and we may even wait until we have bought a house and know what kind of space we’ll be dealing with.

If my father has taught me anything, it is that sometimes furniture you think will be temporary will actually last you thirty-five years, whether you like it or not. (Exhibits are all over my parents’ house, most prominently including a mustard yellow metal cabinet that has become his white whale.) I’m determined to replace our starter elements over time with furniture that we are really excited about, not just rush into buying a new piece just to replace the old stuff that is functioning perfectly well.


2 thoughts on “Update: Couch Comfort

  1. A – Are you sleeping on the couch because it appears to be made as a bed in the picture of the pink chair.

    B – I love the pink chair. It’s my idea of a PERFECT chair. Thus, I claim it as my own for all visits.

    C – I really like this Target pillow. I don’t know what the BBB one looks like, but I agree with the lighter cream adding light.

    D – If I have learned anything from my mother it is that you can spray paint anything. And from my brother I have learned that you can spend a little extra time and sand/refinish furniture. So, a refurbish weekend in the spring could be just the ticket until you find those perfect new pieces.

    • A- I have the sheets on the couch because I am dog sitting. I don’t want to have any threats to the new furniture.

      B- It’s one of the nicest things we own.

      C- I’ll be back with an update when I pick up the other pillow.

      D- I am not sure that our furniture is worth refinishing. But I will keep it in mind.

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