More Monthly Missions

In which I reflect on my monthly goals (#32).

Well, I did not quite complete my February monthly missions. I did make something crafty for our new house, and worked on logging some time on the wii fit. Unfortunately, I stressed my knee with too much, too soon, and couldn’t complete the four hours I’d hoped. With some help from the lovely Katie W., I also worked on clearing my clothes from the bedroom floor, but I didn’t quite finish that to my satisfaction. So those missions were not successful.

And now, a week in, I turn my attention to March missions.

1. Hang curtains in the living room
The hubs and I have had curtains for a while now, but we still haven’t hung them in the living room. I’ll need to do some touch up painting before we can make this happen, and then we’ll need to do it on a weekend when the hubs is home visiting.

2. Order chairs
We’ll need to visit our prospective chairs in a store in Richmond and see how they will balance with our new couch. Hopefully they will work out and we’ll be able to place an order for them that day. I’d like to move forward on getting the proper furniture into our house so that we have time to enjoy it.

3. Log four hours on the wii fit
I really liked the way this helped me break up my days when I did it last month. So I’d like to keep working on that this month.


One thought on “More Monthly Missions

  1. Good luck! Hopefully you and the hubs can coordinate on 1 & 2. I only say that because getting stuff done can be tough when all you want to do is spend time together.

    As for 3, you can do it! Just go easy 🙂

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