Our couch has arrived!

In which I follow-up on one of January’s monthly missions (#32).

Today I welcomed the couch that we ordered back in January into our home. But first, here’s a glance at the old couch:

Doesn’t that pattern clash fabulously with our new rug? The new guy looks much nicer:

The color is a much lighter brown than I remember, which is a great thing. It is really close to the lighter brown in our rug. I really like how the curve of the arm seems to soften the look up a bit:

So I am excited about the look of the sofa. It fits the style we were looking for and I am really getting excited for the style that it is bringing to our room. It is a bit wider than I thought, so we’ll need to get a new coffee table sooner rather than later, but I can see the wood of the feet working well with the wood tones of tables we’ve been looking at online.

I am disappointed with how it feels right now. We weren’t able to see this exact model in the store (why don’t any stores carry this type of couch? It isn’t that crazy!). We sat on a similar couch from the same company, but this doesn’t feel anything like that. I’m hoping that it will break in a bit as we use it.

This was a big purchase, and one that was terribly daunting since we made it sight-unseen. Right now, I wouldn’t do it that way again. But that doesn’t bode well for furniture shopping  in the future, since we had a really hard time finding anything in stores. I hope that I’m reacting more to the change than the actual couch.

I’m hoping that shopping for coffee tables and throw pillows will excite me about the whole purchase again.


One thought on “Our couch has arrived!

  1. Wow! It’s much more substantial than the old couch, but it looks great! I’m sure it just needs some breaking in… I mean, consider how many butts broke in the old couch!


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